Vorlesungsverzeichnis Sommersemester 2017

Veranstaltungsnr.: 040658 (Hauptseminar B.A. / M.A.)

Eros and Sexuality in the Art of the 1950s and 1960s

Prof. Dr. phil. Änne Söll

mit Jonathan Katz, Vorbesprechung: 18.04., 10-12 Uhr; Blockseminar 16.05., 23.05. und 13.06. ganztägig

his course examines the relationship among art, sex, gender and revolution from the vantage point of Eros brief historical moment, a vista now largely obscured by our contemporary fixation on a politics of social distinction and bodily difference. As such, this period constitutes both the theoretical prehistory of the sexual revolution, as well as perhaps the defining episode in our ongoing transubstantiation of flesh into politics. At the zenith of the civil rights movement in the USA and de-colonizing movements in Africa and Asia, just prior to the advent of second wave feminism, gay and lesbian liberation, and other social movements linking political liberation to embodied physical differences, something new was born. There arose a new vision of the body as precisely the obverse of how we now consider ita single, universal human body shared by all, ungendered, unraced, unsexed. This new body-in-common, unmarked even by such core physical differences as biological sex, became legible as radically dissident under a new political ideology that has thus far largely escaped historical attention: Eros. As a potent challenge to a number of repressive orthodoxies, not least capitalism, Eros was also, perhaps not surprisingly, a central theme in a number of art works of the period, from Carolee Schneemanns performances to Claes Oldenburgs erotic public sculpture, Yayoi Kusamas immersive environments, and Kenneth Angers films.

The seminar will take place at Situation Kunst on three consecutive Tuesdays: 16th of May, 23rd of May and the 14th of June from 9 am to 6 pm. There will be a preliminary meeting in the first week of the semester which will be announced online.

The seminar will be taught in English!

(Mit Jonathan Katz, Blockseminar 01.06./08.06. ganztägig; 15.06. halbtägig)